My name is Faith. I am a freelance portrait, event and documentary photographer. I am a video, sound and installation artist. I am a drummer in multiple projects. I am a cyclist and past bike messenger. 
Exploring visual and auditorial language was the guide to my passion for documenting musicians and cyclists, all while maintaining a personal presence as a musician and cyclist. Colliding these chosen mediums and interests has become a lifelong journey to reach this goal. 

This creative path has been a winding one, weaving in and around itself to finally cross where I am standing now. I have done a lot in my lifetime so far and I plan on being persistent and continuing to do so in the present and future. What I have found to be the key to doing this is successful communication and a solid community of people to collaborate with. I cannot think of another city other than baltimore to live, work and play. 

For questions concerning hiring or pricing, contact me via email or phone. Also, feel free to follow my tumblr blog, where I post extra photographs, thoughts, and inspirations. 


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